CLIENT:Formaggi Svizzeri


Since 2013, the Agency has been involved in the development and management of the Swiss Cheese Consortium social networks. This activity includes: the creation of an editorial line and related contents, fan acquisition, engagement with users and media planning. Regarding the social-media related projects, in 2017 the Agency created some video-recipes dedicated to the Consortium\'s most popular cheeses, to be included in the Brand’s main social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In the course of 2018, The Brand has added Digital PR to these activities. In detail, the Consortium\\\'s products have become the protagonists of one of the events of the #acasadifra format, conceived by foodbloggers Francesca Guatteri and Luisa Ambrosini, aka @vivereperraccontarla and @tacchiepentole. Together with other brands, the Consortium\\\'s products were included in the special Christmas dinner between influencers organized by the two landlords: the aim was to advertise the most popular and appreciated Swiss cheeses, highlighting their characteristics and thus enticing the public of Instagram and Facebook (the main landing platforms for the contents created) to get to know them better.