CLIENT:Riso Flora



After creating the new digital positioning in 2017, in 2018 The Brand conceived and created the contents for the social communication plan, which includes, among others, video-recipes shot ad hoc, video-tutorials explaining how to recreate recipes from all over the world with Flora and the \"Generazioni a confronto\" video-gallery, which tells the story of the relationship between Italians of all ages and rice. Alongside this, the online contest \"il Riso è servito\" was made, whose selection of winners took place in a Red laFeltrinelli store in Milan, which is a chain of bookstores in which (thanks to a partnership between the two brands managed by the agency) you could buy and taste some Flora references. Digital PR activities also played a role in the project: The Brand chose the travel blogger Alice Agnelli, aka @agispyinthekitchen, to launch the two new products of the brand, \"Incontri di riso\", which for a whole year have been Alice\'s travel companions around the world.