CLIENT:Riso Flora



As part of the activities planned for 2018, in addition to managing the website, Instagram and Facebook profiles, The Brand was responsible for the concept, development and management of an online competition. The contest, titled \"Il riso è servito\", called for fans to compete with their creativity in the kitchen. In order to participate, the users had to send a photo and a recipe having rice as the main ingredient, from the appetizer to the dessert. The two finalist menus, consisting of four courses, finally competed with each other in a cooking show held at one of the RED La Feltrinelli bookstores, in which (thanks to a partnership between the two brands managed by the agency) during the year it was also possible to buy and taste some Riso Flora products. In the occasion of the cooking show two professional chefs prepared the 8 dishes that made it to the final round; a jury composed of well-known influencers decreed the winning menu. The agency has taken care of everything: from the development of the concept to the creation of the dedicated site, up to the support in the coordination of all the bureaucratic practices and the conception and management of all the aspects linked to the organization of the event.